Myprepaidcenter Login – Activation Required

MyPrepaidCenter — what is it?
When you purchase a prepaid card or promotional code from Blackhawk Network or one of our partners, you can redeem it at MyPrepaidCenter. Make sure the activation instructions on the back of your Blackhawk Network prepaid card, gift card, or ecode point you to Blackhawk Network offers a variety of prepaid cards, gift cards, and ecodes. Activation Required

Please be aware that you will need to activate your card online before you can use it for the first time if you have just received it.

Visit the activation page or homepage at, where you’ll find two forms to fill out in order to activate your prepaid card or gift card.

First, enter your card information (number, expiration date, and security code) into the box labelled “Activate Card / Sign In With Your Card Number” on the page’s right side.
Step 2: Convince the computer that you’re not a robot by clicking “I’m not a Robot” and completing the “Capcha” image challenge.
Then, step 3, select “Log In.”

For use, visit and activate your account.
To activate your new prepaid card, fill out all of the required fields on the screen’s right side.
When you click that link, you’ll be sent to the “Create Profile” page, where you may input your name, username, password, and email address to set up your account. There needs to be at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character (@!#$%*&) in your passphrase.

The final step is to hit the “Create Profile” button once you’ve filled out the form with all the necessary data. After your card has been activated, you will receive an email at the address you supplied.

Obtaining Replacement Cards for the Prepaid Center.
Your replacement prepaid Mastercard will not be issued until you give Cardholder Services with the card’s whole 16-digit number.

Gift card services can be reached at the number printed on the card.

Important information has just come to light. When your credit card finally comes, photograph both sides for safe keeping. It’s the best way to get a new card issued in your name without having to reapply for one.

It’s Important to Make Use of card Gift Cards

Gift cards issued as a rebate, as a customer reward, or for any other incentive programme should be used within a certain time frame or else the recipient may be charged a fee. I usually recommend using any gift cards you receive immediately due to the high probability of forgetting about or losing the card the longer you keep it. When it comes to cards that can lose value over time or through fees, this piece of advice is invaluable.

Place gift cards in wallet upside down
My routine for using gift cards consists of the following steps:

Carry your prepaid card in your wallet. I’ve now activated the gift card and tucked it into my wallet with my regular debit card. This serves as a gentle nudge to switch to the gift card whenever possible and away from my debit card.

Put your money where your mouth is and use prepaid cards for your regular shopping. The convenience of prepaid debit cards means that I put them toward purchases I was going to make anyway, such as food, gas, and other necessities. Though I might not be as excited about using these gift cards as I would be about buying a new pair of shoes or booking a trip, I can practically ensure that I will spend the full value of these gift cards immediately, freeing up more of my discretionary funds.

If you want to use my online gift card hack, you can. Most online retailers will accept prepaid debit cards as payment. If the total price of my online purchase is more than the amount available on my Visa gift card, I use this tried-and-true workaround for making online purchases with gift cards.

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