Why i quit being an insurance agent

why i quit being an insurance agent

Do you ever wonder why life insurance agents quit their jobs? In 2018, I took a leap of faith and decided to become a licenced life insurance agent. I was looking for a flexible way to make more money and maybe get my husband to help me with my side business. Having worked in finance for a few years, it seemed like a great way to help people learn about money and make a lot of money at the same time.

After I passed the state test and got my licence, things looked good for the future. There was only the fact that 90% of life insurance agents quit within their first year on the job.

I didn’t want to be part of that number, so I fought tooth and nail to make life insurance work for me. But I gave up after a little more than a year and haven’t looked back since. Here is why I quit being a life insurance agent.


3 Reasons Why Insurance Agents Quit

#1 Not enough drive
Not much of a secret. You have to want to do well as an insurance agent if you want to do well. One of the main reasons people in this field want to quit is that they don’t work hard enough. Even though this job isn’t easy, it can be very rewarding if you let it.

As an insurance agent, you have chances every day to improve the lives of your clients. You should get out of this job what you put into it. That means that if you really care about your clients and do your best to find a plan that meets their needs, you can be happy knowing that you’ve helped them and their future.

If you still need more motivation, you can join sales incentives with a top FMO like Ritter Insurance Marketing. We have programmes like “Quest for Cash” that give agents money for selling medical supplements. Our carriers also give our agents chances to make more sales by giving away prizes that are easy to get. Don’t be afraid to use these perks to get your business going in the right direction. We encourage it!

#2 Unconstructive Management
Let’s be honest. Even if you don’t like your boss, is that a good enough reason to stop getting insurance? We don’t agree!

In the insurance business, it’s not unusual for agents to move up if they sell a lot. Even though selling a lot of plans and getting high commissions are both important parts of being a successful agent, they don’t always mean you’re good at managing and teaching others.

Think about working with an FMO as an independent agent.

When you first start out, you need help, and that’s fine! Instead of leaving your job completely, you might want to think about becoming an independent agent and working with an FMO. You can set your own hours and are basically in charge of yourself. If you choose to work with Ritter Insurance Marketing, you will not only feel like your work is important, but we can also help you learn more about your market by giving you trainings and webinars.

#3 Not having enough tools
If you don’t feel like you have the tools to do your best, you might want to quit. No one can give you what you want better than a well-known FMO. We don’t want you to get upset when filling out applications or trying to find the right plans for your clients. So, Ritter gives you tools and help in the back office to make your job much easier.

Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine can help you find and compare plans based on the age and location of your clients. You can even get your own Medicareful site for your clients to use when looking for plans. We also have online contracting tools that make it easy and quick to work with new carriers.

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